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Resources You Can Utilize

The long-term care system is complex and can be difficult to comprehend, especially during a time that may already be emotionally overwhelming. Understanding resident rights, how the system operates, what your options are and where to turn for advice will allow you to confidently make the decision that is best for your loved one. Fortunately, numerous resources are at your disposal to help guide you through the process.

The following topics should further your understanding:

The AARP’s Family, Home and Legal center for advice and support on caregiving, long-term care and more.

U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging
The Senate Special Committee on Aging is responsible for investigating the state of elder care in America and proposing legislation that will improve elder care.

U.S. Government: Caregivers’ Resources
The Caregivers’ Resource page includes information on help providing care, government benefits, legal matters and support for caregivers.

Administration on Aging (AOA)
The Administration on Aging offers services and opportunities for older Americans, especially those at risk of losing their independence. Through information, referral and outreach efforts at the community level, AOA seeks to educate older people and their care givers about the benefits and services available to them.

American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
This organization is composed of not-for-profit groups dedicated to providing high quality health care, housing and services to the nation’s elderly. Its membership consists of over 5,000 not-for-profit nursing homes, continuing care retirement communities, senior housing facilities, assisted living and community services.

Senior Citizens Bureau
The Senior Citizens Bureau is a national, non-profit professional association for the senior industry that supports education, research, advocacy and services for seniors, their children, caregivers, advocates and professionals.