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Tulsa, OK – Nursing home caregiver charged with assault, rape

Quick Facts (Video Link Below of the full Report)

Wesley Harrison is charged with rape, sexual battery
He was a caregiver at Green Country Nursing Home
Harrison bonded out of jail shortly after his arrest
The Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force picked up Wesley Harrison on Wednesday.

BAPD confirms that Harrison was a caregiver at Forest Hills, a care and rehab center near 81st and 129th East Avenue.

Police say they been investigating allegation against Harrison since early January.
Wednesday, prosecutors filed a rape by instrumentation charge and sexually batter charge against him.
Detectives say 2 patients were victimized by Harrison sometime in the last few weeks of December.
They continue to investigate for possibly even more victims.

Harrison bonded out of Jail less than 45 minutes after his arrest.

Click here to watch the full video report by Fox 23

Personal Note from NHA-Advocates: NHAA shares with all the families of loved ones who are confined to nursing homes the pain and anguish of putting them in the care of someone else. We expect our loved ones to be treated with dignity and honor in the homes we place them. We cannot emphasize enough to family members of nursing home residents; frequent visits are essential to our loved ones’ well-being and safety. This nursing home and many others across the country are cited for abuse and neglect.

You can make a difference. If you have a loved one living in this nursing home or any other nursing home where you suspect any form of abuse or neglect, contact us immediately.

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