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Pikeville, KY – Nursing Home Fails to Send Resident to Dialysis; Physician Said Resident Could Have Died




The following highlighted text is only a portion of the full report/survey. The full report/survey can be found here.


Resident #1 had a diagnosis of End Stags Renal Failure and received Hemodialysis three times per week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Saturday, 03/23/13, Resident #1 missed his/her scheduled dialysis treatment. On Tuesday, 03/26/13, the resident was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Hyperkalemia.

Continuing: An interview conducted with Resident #1’s Nephrologist revealed the Hyperkalemia was a direct result of the resident missing his/her scheduled dialysis treatment on 03/23/13, and could have caused the resident to die.


Based on observation, interview, record review, and facility policy review, it was determined the facility failed to have an effective system to ensure that a comprehensive plan of care, with interventions describing the services to be provided, was developed and revised.

Continuing: Documentation on 03/23/13 revealed the facility failed to ensure Resident #1 received the dialysis treatment scheduled for 03/23/13 and there was no documentation that the resident had refused the treatment.

Continuing: The failure of the facility to ensure a comprehensive plan of care, with interventions describing the services to be provided  was developed and revised placed residents at risk for serious injury, harm, impairment, or death. Immediate Jeopardy and Substandard Quality of Care were determined to exist on 03/23/13.


Based on observation, interview, record review, and facility policy review, it was determined the facility failed to have an effective system to ensure necessary services were provided to attain or maintain the highest practicable well-being for one of eight sampled residents (Resident #1). 

Continuing: The  failure of the facility to ensure residents received and facility staff provided the necessary care and services to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical well-being, placed residents at risk for serious injury, harm, impairment, or death. Immediate Jeopardy and Substandard Quality of Care were determined to exist on 03/23/13.

Personal Note from NHAA Advocates: NHAA shares with all the families of loved ones who are confined to nursing homes the pain and anguish of putting them in the care of someone else. We expect our loved ones to be treated with dignity and honor in the homes we place them. We cannot emphasize enough to family members of nursing home residents; frequent visits are essential to our loved ones’ well-being and safety. This nursing home and many others across the country are cited for abuse and neglect.

You can make a difference. If you have a loved one living in this nursing home or any other nursing home where you suspect any form of abuse or neglect, contact us immediately. We can help you file a state complaint, hire a specialized nursing home attorney or help you find a more suitable location for your loved one.

Share your story with us, spread the word and HELP STOP THE ABUSE AND NEGLECT! 

Contact us through our CONTACT FORM located on our website here or call our toll free hot line number: 1-800-645-5262

You can make a difference even if your loved one has already passed away

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11 Responses to “Pikeville, KY – Nursing Home Fails to Send Resident to Dialysis; Physician Said Resident Could Have Died”

  1. Amy Justice says:

    This is ridiculous! They should be shut down. This isn’t the only thing that I have heard about this nursing home. Both of my Grandmothers were there and were mistreated.

  2. rebecca williams says:

    park view is a joke of a nursing home, they need more investigations in all department, the residents area in careless hands of many, I could tell you stories of how my mother was treated while she was in there, thank god she was saved before any of their neglect happened to her

  3. Mary says:

    There are no laws or agencies that protect a resident in a nursing!! I’ve first hand experience with both for 2 years! Would go visit my mother find her in dirty diapers, socks with blood due to toenails being cut into the skin, some of her pills in the floor, not being fed, dirty hair, medication being changed and not notified, doctor wrote a prescription in her names 1 year after her death controlled meds and many more things. Contacted different agencies and all the nursing home got was a slap on the hand!

    • Kay Thacker says:

      investigations are worthless when nothing is done about what they know is wrong.Someone with authority and backbone needs to be in charge.I would kill myself before I would be stuck there.No one deserves the treatment they get and can’t help themselves.Worse than pitifulI have had 4 relatives there

  4. Homer Adkins says:

    In 2010 treated my mother terrible bruised .fingers twisted left in hallway dementia terrible .lots of cover up and lies they even knew who abused her ..nothing done terrible place

  5. Lanna Roberts says:

    No nursing home is perfect. Nobody will take care of your family like you would. There are nursing homes because there are a need for them. there are rules & regulations governing them. If you don’t like the way they are ran, you should stop putting your family members in them. Several of these comments have had more than one family member in a nursing home. Some people are only there for a paycheck, but you have to have the heart work in a nursing home. The majority of the staff do care about their residents. You have no idea how many spend their own money on the people they come to know & love.

    • Terrie says:

      That’s all well and good, but you can’t deny that there is neglect, abuse in these nursing homes…Yes, there is a need for them, just as there is a need for hospitals, clinics, Dr offices, etc….why are nursing homes at the bottom as far as regulations, standards, and plain ole accountability? Because the people who need them have passed the time of productivity in their lives? They aren’t working, therefore they don’t pay taxes…? It’s a dirty, crying shame that there is no real voice for these people…and its also a shame that people like you would try to whitewash the truth…something needs to be done …period.

      • Lanna roberts says:

        My comment was made almost 2 years. However, nursing homes are far from being at the bottom when it comes to regulations, standards, and accountability. I have worked in nursing homes and had family members live in nursing homes. In my opinion, it is by far the hardest job, if done correctly, there is in nursing. I don’t whitewash anything. How many hours have you volunteered or worked in a nursing home? How many times have you called your congressman about nursing home regulations or the treatment of nursing home residents? Its easy to find the rules and regulations about staff/resident ratio as well as many other things about nursing homes. Don’t blame me or anybody else, get up and do something. At least voice your opinion to someone that can help.

        • Stacy Hillard says:

          My family had no choice to place my father in a nursing. The first time we had to place him somewhere was here,, he stays two days and we took him home. I understand that the workers have a hard job, but to let someone sit in their own urine and they had used the bathroom on themselves so many times that their house shoes were filled is no excuse!!! I hope and prayer that this place has been closed, and if you have a family member here you should be ashamed!
          We took care of him again for as long as we could, but then his legs drew up to his chest and we could no longer do it.
          But, by this time I was able to move them to Berea Ky (closer to me) and let me say this, you cannot tell me that all nursing homes are bad. Berea Health Care was beyond amazing, the staff, the cleanliness, the food, the activities and the list goes on.. I am so happy that my father was happy in his last years and that he had not only us as a family when he passed, but sooo many others that didn’t view him as a resident but as a family member and friend.

          • Shannon says:

            To all involved.. One important ?? To ask when putting someone in a home is Nurse to Resident ratio. That means how many nurses are assigned per patient. A good ratio is 1 RN per 3 patients. If you put your parents in a home make sure this ratio stays close. If not it should be a red flag, also high turnover rate is a red flag.

  6. Kristi says:

    Yes some nursing homes are horrible! And yes some workers are abusive! No doubt there is someone abusive in every nursing home there is. You can’t blame the whole place for 1persons mistake! I worked at Parkview for over 6 years and it was a wonderful place! I did my job and I treated my residents like family! I bought them things out of my own pocket and I spent time with them on my own time! Working in a nursing is one of the hardest jobs there is and it takes a special type of person to do it! You have to love it not just be there for a check! It gets extremely busy and you can’t always do what needs to be done at the very minute it needs to be. If your family members were treated so bad, why did you leave them there? If I walked in and saw my family like that I’d take them home that day! If you’ve never volunteered or worked in a nursing home you have no idea how hard it is! I’m guessing that this patient refused and the nurse got busy and forgot to chart it. I’ve seen that happen. So don’t talk about and put someone or something down that you know nothing about!


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