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UPDATE – Man Dies in Friendswood Nursing Home from Gangrene

Friendship NH







UPDATE: Through the efforts of NHAA, family members are taking the necessary steps in prosecuting this nursing home. The family’s goal is to clean-up the bad care in this nursing home and hold the NH accountable. If you are a current or past employee of this nursing home, contact NHAA either by contact form on our website, our  toll free number (1-800-645-5262) or by private message on FB. We would love to hear from you in regards to the past and current care of residents with respect to this nursing home or any nursing home you may have worked. Your information and/or messages will be kept confidential.

Do you have or know of anyone that has or had a loved one in FRIENDSHIP HAVEN HEALTHCARE AND REHABILITATION CENTER located 1500 SUNSET DR FRIENDSWOOD, TX? Continuous monitoring and visits are vital components in preventing such tragedies such as the one listed here.

Recently as of October of 2013, the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES CENTERS FOR MEDICARE & MEDICAID SERVICES reported in their October 2013 State Survey of deficiencies related to FRIENDSHIP HAVEN HEALTHCARE AND REHABILITATION CENTER pertaining to residents and one in particular who expired from Gangrene.

The following is a snippet from the state survey and their findings. To read the full state survey, click here.

“Based on interview and record review the facility failed to implement written policies and procedures that prohibit neglect
for 1 of 13 residents (CR#1) reviewed for neglect in that: –CR #1 was identified as having a new pressure sore on [DATE].
Orders for treatment were not obtained until [DATE] (3 days later). The resident was hospitalized on [DATE] and
subsequently expired on [DATE]. A significant condition contributing to death, was ulcer of sacral area with gangrene. This
failure affected one resident and placed an additional 11 residents at risk of infection, pain, delayed healing and
worsening of pressure sores, and hospitalization.”

NHAA is the nursing home watchdog for the elderly who no longer have a voice of their own.

Stop the abuse and neglect and make nursing home owners accountable of their actions and lack thereof.

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5 Responses to “UPDATE – Man Dies in Friendswood Nursing Home from Gangrene”

  1. Teresa Payton says:

    Emeritus right around the corner, is just as worst. It’s a assisted living, but 60% of the resident or nursing home. They are always short staff, the place is not really clean. And some of the resident are not teated well. Someone need to do something. I have tryed!!!!

    • Ryen says:

      Miss Val

      I have spent a lot of time there and nothing has changed or will change!! The residents are of no importance to Friendship Haven and the new company controlling the activity center Life Wellness.
      I hope a stat official would spend time there of awhile and check each room and watch how the residents are treated and helped out of bed which is not often

  2. miss val says:

    Well if u think friendship haven is bad, then u should make a visit to BAY OAKS CARE CENTER in lamarque..the address is 424 tarpey, lamarque, tx 77550…they r a hot ass mess, nd im ready to move away from there

    • miss val says:

      They r forever SHORT STAFFED, nd the administrative staff dont know how to treat the staff in a professional manner……so many people have come/gone as far as working there nd i’ve only been there for a little over 3 months…

    • miss val says:

      I meant the address is 424 tarpey street, lamarque, tx 77568…please make a visit there, particularly on a weekend. .we r very SHORT STAFFED ND WHEN U CALL THE ON-CALL NUMBER, THEY DONT EVEN PICK UP..U HAVE TO REACH HER THRU TEXT MESSAGE. ..SMH..SAD SHAME IF U ASK ME


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