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Located: 4934 S 7TH ST, ABILENE, TX 79604


Please note: The following highlighted quoted text is ONLY a portion of the full report/survey. The full report/survey of this facility for these deficiencies can be found here.


Write and use policies that forbid mistreatment, neglect and abuse of residents and theft of residents’ property – Level of harm – Immediate jeopardy

Based on observations, interviews and record reviews the facility failed to implement policy and procedure that prohibits neglect for one of two sampled residents (Resident #3) reviewed for Foley catheter care. The facility failed to ensure Resident #3 did not suffer from a urinary tract infection that became septic on 3/19/13. – The facility failed to properly assess Resident #3 and when she was sent to the local emergency room via Emergency Medical Services (EMS), she was in septic shock. The facility only notified the  physician that she had been vomiting twice the day before, and no one at the facility had assessed her Foley catheter or urine. An Immediate Jeopardy was identified on 3/22/13 at 10:45 a.m.

Continuing: In an interview on 3/22/13 at 1:10 p.m. the Emergency Department Registered Nurse that received Resident #3 into the emergency department stated that when she received Resident #3 from the emergency medical services, Resident #3 was not alert, her rectal temperature was elevated and her Foley catheter was draining thick gray pus. She stated that Resident #3 was in a very bad state, diaphoretic (soaked in sweat) and had a general bad odor about her. She stated that Resident #3 was very dirty when she arrived to the emergency room . In an interview on 3/21/13 at 8:15 a.m. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurse (ICU nurse #1) that had care for Resident #3 when she was first admitted to the ICU stated that when she received Resident #3 from the emergency room , that Resident #3 was filthy and her Foley catheter had sludge in the tubing clotting off the urine from going into the drainage collection bag. She described the urine as cloudy, nasty green/gray in color and when she removed the Foley that she came to the hospital with from the facility, the tubing was stained and dirty. ICU nurse #1 described that when she removed the old Foley, there were three ICU nurses in the room assisting and two of the ICU nurse ‘ s had to leave the room vomiting from the overwhelming odor of the urine that saturated the bedding of Resident #3. She stated that after placing a new Foley catheter in Resident #3 and after Resident #3 urinated and soaked the entire bed, Resident #3 voided almost 500 cc (cubic centimeters) of cloudy, dark, thick urine. She stated that Resident #3 had dried stool on her buttocks and abdomen. She stated that she had given Resident #3 two head to toe bed baths during her shift and Resident #3 still was not clean when she turned over care to the oncoming nurse. In an interview on 3/25/13 at 10:50 a.m. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurse #2 that took over care of Resident #3 stated that she also gave Resident #3 two complete head to toe bed baths and finally got her cleaned up.

Continuing: In an interview on 3/21/13 at 8:30 a.m. Resident #3 ‘ s four daughters were present and stated that the first time they heard of their mother being admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) was 3/19/13 at night (they were not sure at what time, but it was late evening) when the ICU nurse called them to come see their mother, that she was in critical condition and was not expected to survive.

Personal Note from NHAA Advocates: NHAA shares with all the families of loved ones who are confined to nursing homes the pain and anguish of putting them in the care of someone else. We expect our loved ones to be treated with dignity and honor in the homes we place them. We cannot emphasize enough to family members of nursing home residents; frequent visits are essential to our loved ones’ well-being and safety. This nursing home and many others across the country are cited for abuse and neglect.

You can make a difference. If you have a loved one living in this nursing home or any other nursing home where you suspect any form of abuse or neglect, contact us immediately. We can help you file a state complaint, hire a specialized nursing home attorney or help you find a more suitable location for your loved one.

Share your story with us, spread the word and HELP STOP THE ABUSE AND NEGLECT! 

Contact us through our CONTACT FORM located on our website here or call our toll free hot line number: 1-800-645-5262

You can make a difference even if your loved one has already passed away

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  1. LaJeanna Patterson says:

    This is the most atrocious thing I have ever heard. God bless this lady and her family. What a terrible thing to go through. I pray that this place gets shut down and the owners are punished for this. This is so very sad.

    • Amy says:

      God Bless her family??? Really???? If her family had been to see her on a regular basis this may not have happened. Something like this does not happen overnight!!!! The family is just as guilty if neglect as the nursing home!!!

      • LarryK says:

        How many people do you know go to see a relative in a nursing home and check their loved ones tubes that assist in urination. Really?!

        • Joan Brown says:

          The ones who CARE go see them regularly! How would you like one in the nursing home??? What an atrocious attitude you have!!!
          I hope you have to be at their mercy with no family to check on you some day!

          • Karen says:

            EXCUSE the HELL out of me lady? my mother was moved 150 MILES from where we lived because she was so large they had No facilities where we lived that could take her. I had NO CAR to get there. and I am on disability myself and couldn’t move just to be close to her. I went every 2 weeks when I was able to grab my nearest neighbor to go see her. she also ended up septic as well. I even filed a complaint against the nursing home. the hospital as well when they didn’t remove her cath first thing when she was admitted for being septic. Don’t EVEN say that people don’t care about their parents if they cannot get to see them. unless you know the entire story, stfu!

    • Teresa Hall says:

      i am a former nuses aid and i can assure you that you wouldnt have toc check her catheter to k.know that there was something wro.g…the odor would have been so bad that a relative WHO IS THERE REGULARLY would jnvestigate. god bless the family.

  2. William Raines says:

    This is so bad to hear about! I think the people operating the place should be fined and license suspended themselves and the facility.

  3. this is crazy,why didn’t someone family members or someone report this to Adult protecton services? This is someones mother,grandmother,sister or whatever. I think alot of heads need to roll.this nursing home needs to be shut down immediately,

  4. angela cahill says:

    That is gross and they should all be accountable

  5. Betty Harmon says:

    I remember when my Mother-in-law was at the Care Inn and I ask them to bring her a grilled cheese sandwich as the food looked terrible. About 15 min went by and they brought her a soggy grilled cheese sandwich. You could have wrung the water out of it. She refused it. Ironically, my Mother-in-law I think starved her self to death due to the terrible food served. I did go to the Manager and complained but nothing was ever done about it. I depressed me so I could hardly go there and the stinch of the place was pitiful. Also, the nurses there did not look like nurses to me. All in all, it was something I’ll never forget. Alway wondered why patients fought going to the nursing home. That was a real eye opener to me. And to think, some day I might be in one?! I’d rather die in my home.

    • diane says:

      I done mean to be rude, but why didn’t you transfer her somewhere else. Most nursing homes are not like this

      • Sasha says:

        My thoughts exactly. If you couldn’t stand to walk into the place, why would you think the residents could be happy living there? I have a family member in a nursing facility and if I couldn’t walk into it due to stench and general filthiness, I wouldn’t leave my family member there. That’s part of the reason the facilities that aren’t running properly continue to run at all. People have to stand up and be the voice for those that don’t have one.

    • Rayda howe says:

      Betty Harmon please put this on KTAB ! I posted there… Needs to be stopped now thanks!

    • Rebecca Atkins says:

      Ms. Harmon,

      I am a reporter with KXVA Fox News. I am trying to do a story on the Care Inn of Abilene and this incident that happened last year. I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing an interview with me about your experience there?

      My number at the station is 325-829-0072

  6. Vickie Edmondson says:

    My mother Mamie Ruth Harrison, was an Alzheimer’s resident at this facility. My dad brought her there in 1992,I believe that is the right year. She was diagnosed in 1989. Dad took care of her at home the first 3 years. My dad was at the nursing home all of the time. He was there early in the morning to make sure they got her up and ready for breakfast. He was back at lunch, and dinner. He saw things he didn’t like and he would talk to the head nurse and to the Supervisor. I finally got my Dad to take a weekend off and get some rest. I went and checked on her and she was extremely agitated, and running a fever. I couldn’t get her to sit down. She just kept pacing and mumbling. I finally got the nurse to check her out. She wasn’t nice about it. I told them to call an ambulance. I took her to the Hospital. They ran test on her blood, and she didn’t have signs of any of the meds. She was taking in her system. They gave her her Meds. and hydrated her. They were very angry at my Dad, and the only way to get rid of him, was to get rid of her. Anyway my Dad wrote a letter to Gov. Ann Richards about what was going on. She answered his letter and said she gave it to a woman that took care of those things. And she did. They closed Care Inn down for a few days and cleaned house, hired New help, did some painting and other things. I may still have my dad’s letter. He passed away in 2010.

    • Tami says:

      I am a Certified Nurse Aide & this makes me crazy mad!!! Any employee of that facility is responsible for absolutely everything that goes in that facility. Someone who worked there should have turned them in! God Bless the little man who took care of his wife with Alzheimer’s.

      Any facility that has our loved ones should take care of them as if they are family! I know I do! My father is in a wonderful place, and you know I have made sure he is well cared for or he would not still be there after 4 years.

      If a family member walks in a place and it smells of urine and its obvious that residents are not cared for. AND if the staff is indifferent, then get your family out of there!

      There are good places, with the staff that do care. Unfortunately, nursing homes are short staffed, but that just means we work harder to get the residents cared for. If your family is not being taken care of, absolutely contact these people and do not accept it!!!!

  7. M Wimberly says:

    This nursing home has had numerous gross negligent write ups. I do not understand how they are able to stay open?? I was a licensed, state of Texas, day care provider. I would have lost my license for negligence like this. I have had my own experience with this home in 2010. I will not go into detail, but look at their record on line. How are they still operating. Does Medicare and Medicaid not care about our elderly and their treatment in one of THEIR approved facilities??

  8. Jennifer Scifres says:

    First of all how could anyone in that profession “CARE TAKING” see another human being in that condition think that is okay? To me the whoever is in charge of this home should be in prison! REMEMBER if we don”t die young then we do get old! Knowing by living life that what you do unto others always rewards you in the same payback manner!! WOW!!! NOT OKAY!!!!

    • Montie Course says:

      You may think this is horrible and sure it is, however on any given day take a walk with me down memory lane and I can give you first hand accounts of this going on within the V.A. health care system yet today and going back to the 80’s.
      I can say this cuz I am still having to fight the V.A. to get proper and due medical care, Please keep in mind I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran! I have had the providers that really did and do care about us Vets but sadly they are even yet to date out numbered by those just looking for the payday…. Take the time to walk a few miles in a Vets shoes, then ask how you feel if you dad brother uncle mom sister had a history of bone cancer had 9 surgeries for it then pushed to the sidelines for 30+ years to finally find a primary care doctor that wouldn’t ignore the problem when the patient screamed to a concerned ear after so long to find out it has spread! this was my news Yesterday and I am that Veteran and got that news! My future now is unclear, wont know what if anything can be done and I am only 55.

  9. Adela Castillo says:

    I believe that place should be shut down, BUT I also blame the family, why weren’t they checking in on their mother?
    A lot of people are forgotten!

    • Ginger says:

      If you have a loved one in a facility please check on them as often as you can. We don’t know what goes on every day and how they are cared for. It so important to make sure they are drinking enough water every day.

    • Montie Course says:

      you may blame who you like many of us are outcasts what little family we have biologically are not part of our lives anymore for what may seem petty or harsh reasons it is not for us to agree nor disagree with nor to judge but know many of us vets are alone in the world.

  10. ashton says:

    Same thing happened to my dad…

  11. Sherrie says:

    This is disgusting! Why the daughters are not being held accountable is beyond me! This didn’t happen over night. This took a week a least! Someone smelled this I promise you!!! I hope my children love me more then this!

  12. dustin kelley says:

    they refused to feed my grandmother and she died from malnutrition this is an awful place and needs to be completly redone or shut down

    • liza says:

      Im a CNA.. I work for this Nursing Home for along time until oneday they close it down.well let me tell u’ll something the sad thing here is that some family just go drop there Mother..G’mother..G’pa.. aunties..uncles..and whats the first thing u hear from the family..i’ll be back to see u. well that was just a lye.some family will come and some u won’t see them for yrs.but when they will come to see them ..whats the first thing u hear from them..( how’s my mother..or G’ma..G’PA..uncles aunties doing) oh u’ll haven’t take good care of them u’ll don’t haven’t done this and that..well in this Nursing Home when I use to work we all make sure they were all bath..feed..etc..we were not just there for the money we all did care for them .. cause for us we didn’t see it like ur’s family we saw it like our parents..G’parents..aunties..uncles..they were family to us. I feel so sorry for this lady..i have heard a lot of bad stuff from this Nursing Home and yes I don’t believe they still keeping it open ..God Bless this lady

      • Betty Thompson says:

        I also worked in a nursing home not this one or I would have went over heads and reported it..some CNA are there because they care for the people,, these are the special ones who go out of their way to make residents fell safe and at home…. then you have the ones there for the money.. they dont care for the residents… It takes everyone working together to make sure the elderly gets the care they need.. Family should not have to come to the nurse or CNA and say my mom or my dad needs changing that nurse and CNA knows to go and check on that residents every 2 hours!!!!!

    • liza says:

      Dustin Kelly if u saw that they refuse to feed ur G’ma..why u’ll didn’t go and feed her..? this what I don’t understand ..there’s a lot of complains but some do nothing for there Mothers .. G’parents ..aunties..uncles.. but just sit there and complain..if I have one of my family member in a Nursing Home I will dang sure will go and check and make sure they were care good..cause I no how it is for the ones there living in a Nursing’s just sad to see them..u will see some just sitting by the window front door just looking and waiting for someone to came see them. this Man that live in a Nursing Home he once said. I wish I wish that oneday my son or daughter well take atlease 1min of there time to come see me b4 I dead. cause I haven’t see them since they drop me in here..this man dead.. without seeing his kids..this is so sad..

  13. Kate Farris says:

    Looks like the nursing home should be shut down. That is terrible, but probably more common than you want to think. Seems the daughters are as much to blame, seems like they would have noticed something if they had ACTUALLY gone to visit their mother. Out of sight, out of mind.

  14. San Saba Texas says:

    Honestly the Assisted Living Nursing home in San Saba Texas needs to be checked out! I know my grandad passed away at the hands of the staff!

  15. That’s messed up they all should be ashamed everyone can see that they were being neglected but no one did anything about it

  16. Lisa Goodnight says:

    Any and all living family members who have been named as beneficiaries of this person’s estate must be fined and serve time for abuse and neglect. Otherwise, the care facility must be served warrants for elder abuse/ neglect and shut down if necessary. In the big picture, they will all get what they gave. They will reap what they’ve sown.

  17. Sharon Watson says:

    I worked at Care Inn in the 70’s It wasn’t like that then. In the 80’s I worked at Shady Oaks, it was like that. Always short staffed. Short on supplies, until time for state inspections. They fill the supply closet and hire a lot of help. The second the state inspectors left, the owner had the supplies returned and she fired all the new help. I called and reported this. The owners remark was, “I’d have been in lots of trouble if I didn’t have friends in high places.” I wonder if that person is now in charge of Care Inn now?

  18. Ann says:

    The family may not have visited. Some people just don’t. I worked there for about a week before I had enough and quit. Some people are there just for the paycheck, but most of them really care for the residents. I always felt like I had a whole house full of grandparents and treated them that way. Now it’s like a house full of parents! This nursing facility has been shut down several times. It needs to be closed permanently, and locally owned and run. A corporation that isn’t local just looks at the bottom line and not at any other paper work. If there’s any other facility you can move your loved one to I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU MOVE THEM NOW before something else happens there.

  19. Starla says:

    Same thing happened to my Mother.

  20. nancy says:

    I was appalled to review the dec 2012, feb 2013, mar 2013 and sept 2013 state surveys from this facility – all noted that residents were placed in immediate jeopardy. I was floored to see that there was a 47 day time frame from july 24 2013 to 9 sept 2013 where this facility had no administrator! I can only imagine how awful it was for the residents and their family members. I also am from texas and I have a family member who works in the ER in Abilene and I expect she will report neglect like this

  21. Melanie Cisneros says:

    this is why I wanted to make it a job checking in on folks like my grandmas age and making sure they could stay in their home with the least invavasive means to their lives. putting places like care in DOWN would be an honor

  22. Lj says:

    I used to live right down the St from this place and no lie every other day there was an ambulance there. Smh. They need to be shut down its ridiculous how much neglect is going on if I was that family I’d take my mother home and Sue the heck out of that nursing home

  23. elomas says:

    Well me n my sis worked there a few years ago. We only worked there 5 days n we quit, didn’t like the way the residents were been treated n neglected. I’ve been a CNA 4 37 years, and I can say that I decided I can’t take it nomore, cause nothing really get done,.Feel sorry 4 those little people who gets put in nursing homes,May God bless n protect them from their caregivers. But I Strongly believe in KARMA.

  24. Stacey Phillips says:

    Wow as a nurse of 20 years ( my first 10 yrs of experience in long term care) I can not believe this article or all of the past family members of pts there comments. As a nurse I am a pt advocate first!! This facility needs to be shut down . As a nurse if you work for a place like this it is your responsibility to report it. As a family member if you see or suspect abuse it is your responsibility to report it also. As a society we can not see abuse and ignore it. If everyone makes a stand then changes occur. You can not turn your back to abuse and expect someone else will do something about it. As a nurse this saddens me. You also can not report something and then not follow through with a follow up. This also saddens me about our state inspectors who have not followed through with their jobs and let the abuse continue!!!!!!

  25. I have been a nurse for many years. I have worked in nursing homes off and on and am currently employed by a nursing home.I have always felt like I had 2 families the family at home and my family at work. Those residents depend on the staff to love and protect them. Apparently, the staff at Care Inn never needs to be able to have anyone at their mercy again. You can blame family, I blame staff.

  26. Minerva Holmes says:

    I am so upset and sick to my stomach about this story. My Mom was a victim of this facility. She went from being a mobile person on a wheelchair to a non-responsive person whom I thought I was going to lose. Today I spent most of the evening back tracking from the time the resident in the story had her incident and the time my mom had hers, they are only a month apart. Now I know for sure something happened to my mom in that nursing home that caused her to almost die. I guarantee you I will make a detailed report on this facility. How did she go from talking to me on Christmas eve 2012 to almost dying in January 2013, less than a month? It was reported by the ER that she was dehydrated and had suffered a stroke. Three days later when we finally talked to the doctor, he informs the family that he wants to send her back to the nursing home. We tried to convince him to allow her to stay in the hospital a little longer till she was healthy and he wouldn’t give the okay. He wouldn’t diagnose her as having a stroke and wouldn’t send her to rehab from the hospital, being she was partially paralyzed. When we found out that she was being discharged my brother and I went to the nursing home to get her stuff, meanwhile my husband was in Dallas trying to find a facility for my mom. We left Abilene @ 8:30 p.m. when she was discharged. I remember my mom looking scared due to her dementia and i couldn’t believe i was actually sitting in the back seat with my mom who was dressed in a hospital gown and wrapped in a hospital blanket. She was being transported via my brother’s van to Dallas rather than allowing her to go back to that sickly place. We arrived in Dallas, TX that night at 11:30 p.m. at a nursing home that was ready to take her in. AGAIN, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MOTHER AT THAT NURSING HOME!?!

  27. Betty Thompson says:

    I thank God I am able to so far take care of my mother at home…. I swore I would not put either of my parents in a nursing home.. so far I have been blessed in keeping that promise.. but if there comes a time that I have to make that painful decision I know the signs to look for.. you better know I will be looking at her catheder if she has one and looking at all her records.

  28. Gloria Bone says:

    My mom broke her hip and After her surgery ..myself and my 3 sisters put her in a strictly REHAB place… It was a BRAN NEW PRIVATE ROOMS. ( FOR REHABILITATION ONLY )

    Everything was great!We checked on her often…

    I even took pictures as she progressed in her Therapy …on the walker,walking between hand rails, peddling with her hands,ETC

    Then mom started calling us because the place would not let her use the potty chair ( The place insisted on a bed pan )

    Mom had scoliosis and it was painful to use a bed pan…
    Mom also complained to us because her physical therapy had been stopped and she was confined to bed ( bed rails up at all times )

    mom also would call us and complain of being cold…
    The bed spread …the place CALLED a blanket was not enough…

    one of my sisters and I made MANY trips in the middle of the night… taking mom blankets and putting her off and on the potty chair …

    ( we lived about 30 miles away )
    and wondered why the place was not doing their job…

    The place said mom was having spells and that’s why they took away her MUCH NEEDED PHYSICAL Therapy and would not allow mom out of bed…. ( not even for the potty chair )

    Oh by the way, They NEVER called us HER FAMILY to let us know that mom was having problems …

    Come to find out The Place had stopped moms SEIZURE MEDS when she was transported from the hospital !
    and they called it spells ! HELLO !!!! YOU DON’T JUST STOP SEIZURE MEDICATION !

    They didn’t seem to know WHO ordered the seizure meds stopped…And would not put her back on her meds..

    How was mom suppose to not have a SO CALLED SPELL ? How could she do her Rehab Therapy to recover from her broke hip ?

    Another thing we noticed,mom seemed afraid to order a yogurt that she wanted…mom did not want to push the nurse button ( mom was always a blunt and out spoken person ) so this was not normal behavior for her…

    I pushed the button but insisted that my mom place the order not me…

    A nurse came in with the yogurt , did not acknowledge our mom or my sister and I…

    The nurse put the yogurt on the bed tray that was up against the wall and was not even close to the bed…( she did not even open it )

    Then the nurse walked out NEVER said a word …

    My sister and I talked to the office MANY times and ask questions but could never get a straight answer…

    We were afraid they might really do something to hurt our mom and decided to get her moved closer to us…

    My sister and I requested mom be moved to a rehab place in our town so we could check on her more frequent then we already were doing…

    The place made excuses!
    it took us a few weeks before The Place would release our mom to be transported by ambulance to our home town into another facility .

    Little did we know we were taking our mom out of (the frying pan and into the fire )

    The NEW place was a nursing/Rehab It was the only one in our town that had Rehab…

    We made sure they knew we only wanted our mom there long enough to get Rehab therapy …
    Then we wanted mom home with us.

    Long story short ! mom was only there 2 days

    and The VERY 1ST day… mom was given SOMEONE Else’s meds. ( WRONG MEDS )

    DIABETIC and Parkinson’s MEDS

    We brought this to their attention that mom was not diabetic and did not have Parkinson’s…

    We even brought them list of moms meds…
    The Next ( DAY 2 ) they DID IT AGAIN !

    We brought it to their attention AGAIN! Mom was NOT diabetic and DID NOT have Parkinson…

    Another sister also brought moms med list to show them again !

    They told us our mom would sleep it off… ( OUR MOM WOULD HAVE DIED )

    Our moms eyes were half opened and her tongue hanging out of her mouth !!

    Another sister came and DEMANDED they call an ambulance!!!!

    Only then did they call an ambulance…

    Mom almost died in the ambulance !

    Mom was almost in a DIABETIC coma from the WRONG meds This facility had given her…

    Mom was in ICU for 4 days…

    The hospital basically detoxed our mom from the wrong meds that the facility had given her …

    My sisters and I was now fearful to put our mom in any facility for Rehab since she had been not given her seizure meds in one place and then the WRONG meds in another…

    My sisters all worked and had kids in school…

    So I took my mom home with me and had home health come in to do rehab with our mom until she was able to travel in my car to public Rehab

    so I could be with her and I could regulate moms meds..

    After the BAD encounters with the 2 facility’s our moms health was never fully restored.

    Mom had strokes, surgery s , and lost so much of her memory …

    At times she didnt even know me or other family members ETC…

    We had home Health and then hospice …Our mom died a year later after the wrong meds were given at the 2nd facility..

    We had a lot of proof and documentation including pictures…

    We did sue for WRONGFUL death and settled out of court…

    They got out on a loop hole …that our mom lived a year…

    If our mom had died in that Ambulance..We could have closed them down…

    I only wish we had NEVER put our mom in any facility !!!!

    I HOPE OUR STORY CAN HELP OTHERS THAT READ OF OUR TRAGEDY to not make the same mistake …

  29. howard says:

    This problem is happening nation wide. The problem starts with our observers and inspectors not doing their job. This problem of gross neglect and abuse would not have happened under my care as an R.N. I would be accountable and responsible for ever letting this happen as a D.O.N. R.N. I always put pride in my care as a medic,aide,and as an R.N. Hands up to those that take pride in their good care. Hats off to all observant caregivers.

  30. Janie Hornback says:

    I worked as a Director of Nurses in long term care facilities and as a nurse consultant in long term care facilities for years. I would like to speak for the families of loved ones. It IS NOT the families responsibility to assess the patient! The nurses, nurse aides, and yes, the director should have been aware of this incident and addressed it before she ever became septic. There may not have even been a medical necessity for the catheter. Some facilities place them for their own convenience to avoid having to provide incontinent care and linen changes so often. If there was a medical necessity for the catheter they have to be changed routinely with strict sterile technique to avoid contamination which results in infection. I have been told by families, ” The last nurse sure wasn’t that concerned about sterile technique”. This really sickens me! If nurses were as compassionate as they should be you would not have these incidents happening.

  31. CharlotteJ says:

    My dad was in this facility and I monitored his care constantly. They didn’t change bed linens unless forced to do so. The food would have been rejected by pigs! I filed suit against them after his death and my attorney told me they had 53 suits pending against them. What does that say ya!! If you have a friend, family member, do NOT put them in this facility. They will die from neglect and filth way before their time!!

    • Dawn says:

      see its places like this that make the really good ones look bad, and make people do a double take when it comes to that hard decision of putting your loved one in a home. So in a way its a double edge sword because no you look extra hard for the best place to make them stay comfortable and loved for this chapter in their life, I am so sorry for the pain and disrespect of your loved one. And God bless you for your pursuit for justice

  32. Linda says:

    I thank God every day that my mother was in a wonderful home in Levelland. She was loved and taken care of just like she was THEIR family. She was there 12 years and loved it (except the food!!) I can’t believe they can treat old people so badly! I cried when I read this

  33. jeanette says:

    My dad lived with us after mom died until he was 92.. safe and healthy but he took a fall and the whole system was challenged. We had what I feel was a good home; the patients seemed friendly when we chatted with them.. but my point is FAMILY is responsible to check on their loved ones !! My dad raised 5 children that outlived him, should he only be honored by 1,2, 3?? no, however 2 did not live in the area at all so 3 of us kept DAILY at LEAST once watches/ visits/ taking him treats, his beloved dog., took him out to watch the ducks on the lake, picked up KFC, his all time favorite.. people, these are OUR family and remember, what your children see and learn about respect is what you may expect in your future.

  34. Dawn says:

    I was a care giver for mentally disabled adults for two years, It was the best two years of my life, The people were so kind hearted and loving, they just wanted to be treated with the same respect and love that anyone else would be, sure there was hard times, but you learned as much from them as they did from you. When one of my friends passed away it was because of the hospital. they let her aspirate in her sleep. Because she was unable to talk or voice anything they didn’t pay attention to her like they did an “able body” person. and this was in Arizona so this kind of horrible stuff happens all over the country. They sad part is, is that the people who are what you would call “Normal” take advantage of they life they live and all they have. Wither it be young age, the ability to walk or talk, the list is endless. If the profession you choose is to be a care giver than I fully believe that all your heart and soul should go into that especially if you are working with people who need you. Because if they didn’t then then they wouldn’t be there in the first place. Love your fellow man because someday you will need help, and what kind do you want? That should be the question that they ask them selves every day.. God bless the ones who actually love what they do to help make someone else’s life better. Thank you as well, And for the company that is in this article it needs to get shut down and all that works there needs to be put under the jail…

  35. rayda howe says:

    glad your station is willing to get the word out about Care Inn.
    I posted on FB to KTAB & KTXS requesting a story.
    They have not responded!
    Thank You!
    Rayda Howe LVN

  36. Jeanene says:

    There is never a reason to neglect anyone in a nursing facility. They get paid to care for the health of their residents, BUT where in the world were her daughters? What total neglectful and awful people they are. They have no excuse that is acceptable, I pray when they are old and helpless they get better love from their children than they gave the woman that gave birth to them.

  37. Leticia broker says:

    Few years back, my son’s girlfriend worked there. The night shift. Come to find out, she was having sex with another coworker. Now, where was the nurse to catch them (not doing their work) too much neglect in our nursing homes.


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